This one word involves all your senses. It is a physical and mental state which encompasses a lifestyle aimed at improving the quality of your life, your health and your wellbeing.

Achieving a state of wellbeing involves feeling healthy in body and mind, with sufficient precious energy to face everyday life in a positive way and always keep a step ahead.

You can rediscover your sense of wellbeing with one of the courses offered by the Hotel Lo Scoiattolo. You can relax next to the pool in a lovely garden setting, or experience the beneficial warmth of the sauna, surrounded by the pleasant aroma of pines.

However, wellbeing also involves physical exercise and the expenditure of energy, and in our gym we have provided you with Technogym equipment, the world’s top system for toning and reshaping the body. After this exercise, you can enjoy an immersion into the hydro-massage bath, relaxing among the bubbles and soothing jets of water. Alternatively, in sunny weather, you can stretch out on the grass in the garden and loosen up your muscles in a stretching session under our shady trees.

Nordic Walking.

This sport is growing in popularity and very suitable for the whole family. Nordic Walking is Finnish in origin and is a particular walking technique practised with the help of special sticks.

In collaboration with the Nordic Walking School of Andrate, the first of its kind to be set up in Italy and certified by the INWA (International Nordic Walking Association – Helsinki), we have courses to teach this technique, which are combined with interesting excursions to the nearby Lake Spina of Pralormo. These courses should be booked in advance and require a minimum number of participants. The School can provide the sticks you will need for the excursions on request.