The menu at the Restaurant Hotel Lo Scoiattolo offers a treat for the palate, featuring all the best delicacies of Piedmontese cuisine: the delicious marinated tench and asparagus of Pianalto, the hearty braised meats, the home-made tajarin pasta, the white truffles of Alba, and so on. All these fantastic dishes can be accompanied by a wonderful bottle of Barolo, Barbaresco, or one of the other great wines of the Langhe region.

This grand selection of colours and flavours is served in one of our two spacious dining-rooms at the Restaurant Lo Scoiattolo, at elegant round tables seating from 6 to 12 persons.

If you prefer dining outdoors, there is nothing more delightful than a social barbecue in our lovely gardens with pool: an informal and fun way of enjoying a grill and a celebration with friends.