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Exhibition "Perfumum. Perfums in the history"

Palazzo Madama presents, from 15th of February to 21st of May 2018, the exhibition "Perfumum. The aromas of history". A story about the evolution and the plurality of the meanings of the fragrance from Greek and Roman antiquity to the twentieth century, seen through more than two hundred objects on display, including goldsmiths, glass, porcelain, affiches and scientific treatises.

The desire to retain fragrances, preserve them and enjoy their fragrance accompanies human history from antiquity to today. The exhibition itinerary presents a historical excursus started from the Egyptian and Greco-Roman civilizations that, on the basis of previous traditions, assign to the scent multiple meanings: from a symbol of immortality, associated with the deity, to an instrument of hygiene, care of the body and seduction.