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The Ivrea Historical Carneval, with the battle of oranges

The Historic Carnival of Ivrea is back again in 2019: from the 02nd to the 05th of March, the city of Ivrea will once again be enlivened by the colors and scents of the Carnival, one of the excellence of Piedmontese traditions now famous throughout Italy.

The one in Ivrea is the oldest historical carnival in Italy (the first report dates back to 1808), a unique event in which history and legend intertwine to create a great popular civic festival with a strong symbolic value. The spirit of the Historical Carnival lives in the re-enactment of an episode of medieval times that comes back to life in the Battle of Oranges: the people, represented by orangers walking the streets, fights orange against the armies of the feudal lord, represented by shooters on wagons pulled by horses, wearing protections and masks that recall the ancient armor.